Custom Freight Reporting

Aramex can integrate with your existing systems to provide detailed visibility into freight costs, history and performance built to your custom specifications.

Full Service Logistics Experts

No matter your company size, our team of experts with over 247 years of combined experience can help with every step of your freight supply chain.

Detailed Insight

Aramex can provide a multitude of reports to help shippers uncover and manage freight costs.

Cost Reduction Insight

Aramex reporting allows you to monitor cost savings generated by Aramex carrier negotiations and better mode utilization.

Custom Integrations

Expand your reporting capabilities through API integration between Aramex TMS and your ERP systems.

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Learn how Aramex reporting tools can streamline your operations.

Optimize your business with actionable data

Aramex Global Logistics, Inc. is dedicated to bringing our clients unsurpassed visibility into their shipping costs, history and performance. We do this by providing a wide range of detailed and customized reports to serve the specific needs of our clients.

Activity Report

Provides you with detailed shipment information for the reporting period. It breaks shipment activity out by Inbound, Outbound and Third-Party shipments can also be broken out or customized for multiple locations.

Cost-By Report

Shows the financial impact when a non-program carrier is used. This report can identify suppliers who misroute freight as well as the impact of upgrading freight to an expedited mode when orders are late.

Carrier Summary Report

Allow you to view shipments by the carrier used. It can be used to analyze and optimize carriers by comparing costs by destination.

Carrier Payment Report

Provide your Accounts Payable team with payment detail to send with payment to carriers. The report by can be kept electronically as a Journal Entry to avoid keying in every shipment into your ERP.

Executive Report

Shows a high-level summary by month of your shipping history with Aramex. Allows Executives to look at freight history by month and year to year to see how it impacts sales. A great tool for trend analysis.

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