Global Audit for Parcel

Reduce your parcel shipping expenses by 2-6%

No minimum charge, no access fees or start-up costs

Aramex conducts a real time, 50-point, automated pre-audit of your parcel bills vs the five-point human audit performed by most companies.


Fully automated recovery of all shipping charges on eligible shipments not meeting UPS/FedEx/DHL Service Guarantees more than 60 seconds late. If a carrier makes a billing error, GAP identifies it and files for a refund of those charges.


Aramex is a cloud-based platform that utilizes the latest technology. The system produces multiple reports to show Carrier on-time performance, detailed summaries by shipment and weekly shipping detail.


The average Aramex customer sees between 2-6% of their annual parcel spend recovered. The charges recovered are new-found that most companies do not have the time and resources to recover on their own.

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